Avon mmm.CANDY! Body Mists

Avon mmm.Candy! Body Mists for the Young

and Young at Heart!

grape body mistSpring is all around and whether its for Mom or for you, you are going to want to soak up and spritz on these sweet springtime scents in body mist!

They come in three sumptuous flavors and you’ll be hard pressed to choose just one.

Avon mmm…CANDY! Cherry Mousse Body Mist: This luscious cherry, with bright florals and a creamy musk is sure to be a hit 5.1 fl oz

Avon mmm…CANDY! Berry Pop Body Mist: This perfect blend of chilled blackberry, sparking mandarin and seductive amber is guaranteed to be a hit on that special night out! 5.1 fl oz.

Avon mmm…CANDY! Grape Gum Drop Body Mist: Who doesn’t crave fresh juicy grape, with star anise and a dreamy vanilla to round out their springtime wardrobe? 5.1 fl oz

Avon mmm…CANDY! Body Mists price

The regular price for each of these body mists is $10 but right now you can get 2 for $20.  So stock up now and be prepared for whatever suits your mood for the day!

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And don’t forget that soaking in a tub full of fragrant bubble bath is a great way to end your night or start your day!  As always Avon offers a plentiful supply of fragrance to make your bath time the best part of your day.  In 24 oz. bottles you get up to 24 pampering baths in every bottle!  All are dermatologically tested and Customer approved.

  • Lily & Honeysuckle Blossom – Fragrant and Refreshingsense
  • Endless Ocean – Breezy and Marine
  • Soft Pink – Lilac and Rose
  • Orange and Honeysuckle – Zesty and Sweet
  • Cucumber Melon – Fresh and Sweet
  • Pomegranate and Peony – Fruity and floral
  • Sensitive Skin – With Chamomile
  • Blushing Kiss – Delicately scented
  • Cherry Blossom – Flirty and Sweet
  • Lavender Garden – Soft and serene

The regular price is $8 and at buy one get one for .99, this is too good a deal to pass up!

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