Bugs? Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guards

Avon Bug Guards – The #1 Summer Essential       bug mosquito

Yep, Spring has sprung and summer is upon us and with that comes vacations, picnics, cook-outs and those annoying little bugs to annoy us!

But once again Avon has the answer with their famous Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard!  With 10 different varieties they have something that will work for whatever needs you have.  All Avon Bug Guards are DEET-FREE.

bug guard expedition

Bug Guard Plus IR3535 Expedition: Available in Aerosol Spray, Pump Spray, and Family Size Pump Spray.

  • SPF 28 & SPF 30
  • Dermatologist-tested
  • hypoallergenic
  • With Vitamin E

Aerosol Spray SPF 28 – Repels deer ticks for 12 hours. 4 oz net wt.  Regularly priced $16.00 only 7.99 in Campaign 12.

Family Size Pump Spray SPF 30 – Repels deer ticks for 10 hours, 8 fl oz. Regularly $20.00 only $12.99 in Campaign 12.only $12.99 In Campaign 12.

Pump Spray SPF 30 – Repels deer ticks for 10 Hours. 4 oz. Regularly priced at 14.00, $6.99 in Campaign 12

Bug Guard Plus Picaridin –   With Vitamin E & Aloe*.  Protects against gnats, no seeums, sand flies and biting midges.  Aerosol Spray also protects again black flies.

Pump Spray – 4 fl. oz. Regularly priced at $14.00, sale priced in Campaign 12 at $6.99.Bug Guard Picaridin

Family Size Pump Spray – 8 fl. oz. Regularly priced at $14.00, sale priced in Campaign 12 at $12.99

Towelettes – Resealable bag holds 8 packets.  Each towelette, 9″ L X 5 1/2″ w.  Each .3 fl.oz. Regularly priced at $14.00, sale priced at $6.99 in Campaign 12.

Aerosol Spray* – 4 oz. net. wt. Regularly priced at $16.00, sale priced in Campaign 12 at $7.99

*Aerosol Spray does not contain aloe.

Bug Guard Plus IR3535 is nongreasy, hypoallergenic, with vitamin E & Aloe.

Bug Guard LotionsCool ‘N Fabulous SPF 30 Lotion – Disappearing Color – Blue Color shows where applied, then disappears when rubbed onto skin.  Pediatrician-tests. 4 fl. oz. Regularly priced at $14.00, sale price $6.99.

Gentle Breeze – SPF 30 Lotion – Dermatologist-test.  4 fl. oz. Regularly priced at $14.00, sale priced in Campaign 12 for $6.99.

BUT, Just in case you get caught outside without your Avon Bug Guard be sure to have this handy!!!bug guard anti-itch spray


Avon Anti-itch Spray provides temporary itch relief from insect bites.  2 fl. oz.  Regularly priced at $10.00, sale priced in Campaign 12 for $4.99.  (Anti-Itch Spray does not repel insects.  Do not contain aloe and vitamin E or SPF).



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