Awesome Conference Call!!

Happy Friday!!!

I imagine that every business these days has the dreaded “Conference Call”. Cry  Once again I have to admit that I have never been a huge fan of conference calls.  For some strange reason I have always believed that I had so many more important things to do with my time.  Wow!  What an ego trip that was.

For the last couple of months, I have been going on a conference call put on by my upline and encouraging my downline to attend this call as well.  It is a once a week call and I must say that my attitude towards these has changed dramatically.

All the talk and motivation that I am able to give, pales in comparison to what they get from this call.  While every week is great, yesterday, was phenomenal!

I usuallty try to touch bases with everyone who was on the call (from my Unit) and the enthusiasm from each person was amazing.    They were able to see the big picture and how to break it down into what they needed to do to make our business work for them.

Sometimes it takes the give and take of a conference call with new people for the information to reach someone.  Obviously not all calls are going to reap the same results, but if you give them a chance, you may be surprised at what you come away with.

If anyone in my downline is interesting in coming on these calls to help build their business, please let me know either in the comment section on the guestbook here, or you can email me at

We also have a short daily call where we discuss our goals for the week and our plans for the day to achieve those goals.  While they are daily, not everyone comes every day unless they choose to.

I know the weekly conference call next week is on the 90 day business plan and I am frantically working on mine.  This is something I have always known I should do, but because I know the call is going to be about it, I am MOTIVATED to actually get it done.  If the conference calls push me to accomplish those things that I know I need to do everyday they they are certainly worth the time spent.

Once again I have learned a valuable lesson!!  So, please take the time to join in a conference call and maybe it will help you take your business to the next level of earnings!!

Have a great week-end!



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