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Packing Lunches, Packing Books, or Leader of the Pack – Avon Living Has it All for back to School!

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lunchbox for back to schoolNeed to pack that perfect lunch that your little student is sure to eat?  The Bento Box Container set with Utensils is sure to fit the bill.  It comes with a fork, knife and removable cup with lid.  It’s plastic, diswasher/microwave safe.   9.25″ x 7″ x 2.5″  $14.99


Give them a smile when they eat their sandwiches cut into these adorable shapes with the Multi-shape lunchcutters - back to schoolCutters – set of 4.  Doubling for either cookies or sandwiches they are bound to bring a smile and maybe even a giggle.  Made of stainless steel and silicone, they are dishwasher safe. Each cutter is approximately 4″ x 4″.  $9.99

Lead the Pack with the Perfect Back pack! 

Frozen backpack for back to school

This Avon Exclusive backpack is sure to light up your little students face when Elsa’s sparkly dress lights UP on this Disney Frozen Light-up Backpack!! Polyester, wipe clean, 16″ x 12″, imported, ages 6 and up.  $24.99

Another Avon Exclusive is this Disney Minnie Mouse minnie mouse backpack for back to school3-piece Backpack Set.  Polyester, wipe clean, backpack; 16″ x 12″, lunch bag: 8″ diameter’ pencil case: 8″ x 3″, imported, ages 6 and up $24.99

And, of course, for the young men in your life, this Avon Exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 Piece Backpack set is spiderman back pack for back to schoolsure to fit the bill. Polyester, wipe clean, backpack: 16″ x 12″; lunch bag” 7/5 x 9/5″; pencil case, 8″ x 3″; imported, ages 6 and up. $24.99

Or let him Roar his way back to school with another Avon Exclusive Disney Lion Guard 3-Piece Backpack Set Polyester, backpackboy1wipe clean, backpack: 16″ x 12″; lunch bag: 8.5″ X 9″; pencil case: 8″ x 3″; imported, ages 6 and up. $24.99.



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