Bigger Customer Base?

Good Morning,

Like we talked about yesterday everybody seems to be wanting to build their customer base.  With the summer in full swing and our customers vacationing and looking at back to school expenses, getting our orders up to where we want them is a challenge.  In addition, the holidays will be here before we know it and having a large customer base at that time of year is a definite plus.

So we are going to continue with ideas that we can use to increase our customers.  During a conference call yesterday on this subject, it was suggested to go through a neighborhood with extra books and leave them at homes.  I talked to one of my reps this morning because I knew she does that and she has gone from $50.00 orders to often over $500.00 orders.  When she goes out she takes one street at a time and depending on the length of the driveway she leaves a book on the doorstep, at the end of the driveway, or under the mailbox.  While she does have plastic bags, she only uses them if the weather looks like it could be a problem, or if there dogs around that might EAT them.  All though she isn’t always able to follow up with these people she has had really good results with them calling her.

Another way that many people have found successful is making up flyers and hanging them in businesses that have bulletin boards. Some people put the number across the bottom so that interested people can tear off the number and take it with them. Set a goal to put out 5 flyers a week and see what happens?

I, myself, have gotten customers by putting a book on the table with the magazines in waiting rooms.  Sometimes I have asked permission from the people working, sometimes not.  Depending on the business, you do what you feel comfortable with. 

Last but not least for today: see if any of your customers work where there is a breakroom.  Some businesses don’t mind a book being left in their breakroom so it is worth a try.  If the customer is willing to leave one, you might offer her a discount on her orders.

Doing just one suggestion that we are discussing will not do everything you want to do, but if you can combine all that you are willing to do, you should begin to see payback with more customers, larger orders, and of course, more money for you.

Now I am off to deliver my Avon to my wonderful customers, so I leave you to have a wonderful AVON DAY!



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