Build Your Business Like a Boss

BUILD YOUR BUSINESS LIKE A BOSSBuild your BusinessBuild your Business

As we all continue to build our business, we occasionally reach a point where it seems that we not making any progress forward.  So whether you are brand new, restarting your business or been with it a while, sometimes we need to rethink and possibly go back to a few basics.

Build Your Contact List – Usually most people automatically think “I’ve already talked to everyone I know”.  But if buildyou start going through anyone and everyone you’ve ever met with a pen and paper in hand, you might be amazed!  Of course family and friends are the first people we think about, but how about neighbors, cashiers, doctors, and the list can go on and on.  Then grab your list and head for the door.

Develop your Story – People like to relate to you both as a customer or a team member.  So you want to let them know just enough about Avon to make them want to know more.

  • Let them know who you are.  What you did before you started your business and what you do now.  For example, stay-at-home mom, work full time with Avon on the side.
  • Why you decided to start your own Avon business.  What impressed you build your businessabout it?
  • What does the company do for you? Maybe you have some favorite products you particularly like? Or maybe, there are parts of the business that you enjoy even more than others?
  • Make Your Commitment and Share, Share, Share – While no one can set a goal for someone else, it’s important you set the goals to reach where you want to go. A great tried and true goal is:

5 Contacts a day – 5 Days A Week

But whether that’s too much or too little, you decide,  set your goals and stick with it.  Do this and you will be on your way to the business you dreamed about when you started.

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