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Candle Mixology – To Make Your Season Bright!!



With Avon’s candle mixology and their deliciously designed collection you can create up to 33 fragrant combos!

While much of the ancient history of fragrance is shrouded in mystery, anthropologists believe that it began with burning of gums and resins for incense.  From there fragrance has evolved into a fine art designed to please our senses and show our individuality.  Used for pharmaceutical purposes originally, France became the Leader in reestablishing the therapeutic uses for fragrance. The term “aromatherapy” was coined in 1928 by a French chemist.

red candle

Holiday Spice with notes of cinnamon, vanilla and bay

green candle

Christmas Pine with notes of pine needles, green fir, peppermint and balsam

While burning just ONE of Avon’s candles is scent-sational, burning TWO TOGETHER makes it totally extraordinary! With Avon’s Holiday Home Fragrance Collection each one has 3 wicks, approx. 11 ounces and gives approximately 30 hours of burn time. 4″ diameter x 3/14 High.  Glass Jar, with metal cover and wax candle.

hearth & Home Pairing these two scents creates that aroma that will give you that home and hearth feeling for the cold winter season.


blue candle

Woodland Retreat with notes of geranium leaf, sage, Siberian pine, fresh mint, mahogany and driftwood

woodland retreat

Woodland Retreat + Mandarin Cranberry = Holly Berry Wreath

Love the Christmas scent of the holly berry wreath on the door?  Burning the Woodland Retreat with the Mandarin Cranberry will fill your room with scent for hours.

*Never leave burning candles unattended.  Keep out of reach of children.

So stay in the mix and go to the e-store for more MUST-HAVE Mixology Combinations!

All candles are only $9.99 SO…..



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