Candles to Light Your Holidays and All Year Round



Candles are a holiday tradition that contributes to the sights, sounds, and smells of the holiday!  These wonderful fragrances will help bring memories to life and make new memories that last forever.  Avon’s collection of candles are sure to become a valued family tradition.  Each candle is a 3-wick, 11 oz candle that gives 30 hours of burn time.  4″ diameter x 3-1/2″ High.  Glass jar with metal cover wax candles.  Assembled in USA  $11.99


Choose from a variety of fragrances including:

WOODLAND RETREAT  – Notes of geranium leaf, sage, Siberian pine, fresh mint, mahogany and driftwood.

SPICE WREATH  – Notes of apple, mulling spices, pomander, juniper berry and pumpkin.

MAHOGANY SUEDE  – Notes of mahogany, clover cedarwood and amber.

POMEGRANATE BLOOD ORANGE  – Notes of pomegranate, blood orange, champagne and red currant.

PRALINE LATTE  – Notes of cinnamon sugar, roasted chestnuts, praline and cream.

FROSTED BALSAM  – Notes of mandarin, spruce needles, sequois wood and frosted balsam

SALTED CARAMEL   – Notes of caramel, toffee, sugarcane and mailla malt.

SPARKLING CHAMPAGNE  – Notes of sparkling citrus, tart berries, effervescent musks and rose petals.

FIG AND CHESTNUT  – Notes of fig, gardenia, vanilla, chestnut and caramel.

Want to do something a little different?  Try the HOLIDAY REED DIFUSER candleswhich includes glass vase with six reeds.  Each is approximately 4 oz.  Glass/wood/metal.  Imported.

In three fantastic fragrances:

FROSTED BALSAM:  Notes of mandarin, spruce needles, sequoia wood and frosted balsam

POMEGRANATE BLOOD ORANGE: Notes of pomegranate, blood orange, champagne and red currant

MAHOGANY SUEDE: Notes of mahogany, clove, cedar wood and amber.

Each Just $19.99


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