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Good Morning,

I hope you had a great Labor Day Holiday and are anxious to get back to your Avon business. Smile

I imagine that you, like me, were following the news about Diana Nyad’s historic swim from Cuba to Miami!  If not, you missed an incredible story and I urge you to look it up.  Amy and I and a couple of friends went to Callaway Gardens to enjoy one last day at the beach.  But I must admit that frequently my mind was on Diana and her long swim.  As soon as I got home, I  checked to see if she had made it and she had!!!!!!

In case you are wondering why I am focusing on this so much today, it tells an incredible story that each of us can learn from.  Diana is 64 years old and has had this dream since she was 28.  This was her 5th attempt and possibly her last.  The obstacles she faced were unbelievable.  No shark cage, deadly jellyfish, and a 112 mile swim without stopping.  But she was chasing her dream and she wouldn’t give up.

Her words at the end just make me shiver and think about myself and my business.   She said “Never, ever, give up” and “You are never too old to chase your dream”.  So often in this business I see people give up on their dream when the going gets tough.  Or I hear, if I had known about this earlier in my life I could have done great.

Do we give up on our dreams when we run into problems?  Or we do “Find A Way” to make our dreams a reality?  Do you want to have an average life, or do you want to have an Above Average Income?  Are you willing to face those obstacles to pursue your dream?

Knowing that Diana Nyad at the age of 64 was willing to do whatever it took to make her dream come true gives me the strength to continue working to make my mine come true as well.  She gives a great deal of credit to her “wonderful” team that supported her through all of her work in this endeavor.  You, too, have a wonderful support team that you can depend on to help you through all your obstacles.  So use them!!

So maybe like me, when the going gets tough you can look at Diana Nyad and know that you CAN DO IT, if you never give up.  

Just remember to “Find A Way” and have a great day.


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