Flexibility In Your Daily Goals


Happy Monday,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  I know I did.  I got a ton of stuff accomplished and felt wonderful for doing it.  I had a list for each day and tried to complete it (knowing that it would never happen).

As I was working I was constantly having to rearrange the order I was going to do things.  For example, I thoroughly cleaned my front door, sanded it down and then, of course, it rained.  So much for painting this weekend.

While I worked on home projects, I realized that many of us are guilty of not being flexible in our business plans.  Although the temptation was great to hit the couch when painting the door was out of the question, I simply looked at my list and found something else that need doing.  But do we do this in our business?  Or, when things don’t go the way we expected, do we shut down and take the day off?

One of the many things I am doing to help my Avon business, is to start back with the daily goal list.  It is constantly changing during the day to suit whatever obstacles are thrown in its path.  That way, when something isn’t going to happen for whatever reason, I have plenty of things to fall back on.  It sounds easy but, unfortunately, I know plenty of people that unless they have a boss who is telling them what to do next they take any set back in the day as an excuse to stop.

So do you take the easy road when an obstacle occurs or do find other things you can do to accomplish your goals?  Keep your lists handy and make this a week of accomplishment.  I’m planning on it!


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