Fragrance Collection “BE” Romantic, Daring, or Fun

“BE” Fragrance Collection – Romantic, Daring, Fun


Fragrance can help to set your mood, whether you’re feeling Romantic, Daring, or Fun Loving.  Withfragrance this in mind Avon’s new “BE” collection has the perfect scent for whatever your mood. Each of these expressive scents will help capture all your fabulous sides.  So check your mood and match your scent so that you can be who you want to be.

NEW Be Romantic Eau de Toilette/floral – Are you feeling romantic? This dreamy fusion of luscious black currants, feminine rose and creamy, sensual musk will be the perfect way to express your loving side.  INTRO SPECIAL $12.99.  Will be $23.00

fragranceNEW Be Daring Eau De Toilette/fresh – This bold blend of spirited bergamot and blooming magnolia, warmed with sensual skin musk.  So get ready and release your inner dynamo with New BE DARING. INTRO SPECIAL $12.99 Will be $23.00

NEW Be Fun Eau de Toilette/fruity/sweet – Do you Just want to havefragrance fun?  Feeling Fun? This playful blend of sparkling pear and pink freesia, lit with glowing amber will lighten you up all day long. INTRO SPECIAL $12.99 – Will be $23.00

So whether you’re in a romantic mood or a playful one, the new “BE” collection of scents is sure to fit.  So try one or try them all and be prepared to BE YOU.



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