Goals and Dreams


Well, it’s Friday again and I know everyone is looking forward to a relaxing weekend with family and friends!  But as we go into the weekend I would like you to give some thought into a subject that was covered in a conference call I was on yesterday.

Everyone has goals and dreams that they keep in their mind and hearts.  They may be things that they talk about to anyone that will listen, or they may be things that are in their secret heart that only they know.  But in the Avon business, I have become increasingly aware of the need to know what a persons dreams are.  No, I am not nosy, but if you don’t know what a person wants how can you help them get there?

 In goal planning, you have to have a goal set in order to reach it, but your mentor also needs to know where you want to go so that they can help you with the steps needed to head in the right direction.

I will admit that as a general rule I know what my Leaders want by virtue of the fact that I talk to them all the time and we share our dreams and goals.  However, I realized this week that I don’t know a lot about the regular reps on my team.  It was pointed out that this is a mistake and I agree.  How can I help these people reach the heights they want in Avon if I don’t know where they want to go.  I have made it a point to talk to some of them and I found it interesting that a lot of times they are not sure themselves.  So I give them the task of thinking about it and getting with me in a couple of days with their answers.

But knowing their dreams and goals is only part of the solution.  As a leader you must be willing and able to take those things and help them formulate a plan of action for achieving them.  Does this mean more work for you?  Definitely!!  But I feel like the satisfaction of seeing someone achieve their dreams will make it worth it.

So I leave you on this Friday with this.  Do you know YOUR goals and dreams and have a plan of action to achieve them?  If not, then I encourage you to work on this ASAP.  Also, do you know the goals and dreams of the people in your downline?  Are you willing to help them formulate the same plan of action to achieve them?  I hope you are are because the rewards will be worth much more than the effort required.

Have a great week-end!





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