Have Your Goals Changed?

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Once again I have found that a recent conference call that I was on bears more discussion.  To me it is truly funny that I have avoided conference calls like the plague for years and now I am finding a wealth of inspiration and motivation from being on them.  Embarassed

On our regular call with Bill Coleman and Vondell McKenzie last Thursday, one of the things we talked about was people who stopped doing what they needed to do in their business.  Vondell said that when that happened the first thing she did was call and ask “Have your goals changed?”

This idea was brought home to me over the last week with a bang!  One of my reps, who has been with me for some time, seemed to be losing more ground than usual.  We have set goals, planned them out, and broken them down into bite size pieces but nothing seemed to be working.  After agonizing about it for several days, I have begun to wonder if maybe the reps goals have changed.  So often we tend to put our goals on people and then wonder when they don’t perform up to our expectations.

I think the hardest thing for me, personally, is to just let go!  We all have to remember that each person has their own goals and no matter how much we want them to succeed, it has to be THEIR decision, THEIR goal and THEIR work that makes it happen.

So as you go into the rest of your week and you look at your downline, try to remember that each person has their own agenda and while you are there to help and mentor, no matter how much you want to help, the ultimate decision is theirs.  Have you checked to see if what their goals are, or if they have changed?  



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