If It’s To Be – It’s Up To Me?

The title today is a phrase I have heard for many, many years.  I can’t even remember where I heard it first.  My question is:  Is it true?  I have always believed that it was without a doubt a fact.

One of my Avon representatives recently reminded me that motivation had to come from the person, that I couldn’t motivate.  I think I beg to differ on that subject.  Not saying that I am a great motivator, far from it!  However, I listen to motivational speakers, and read motivational material and have for many years.  These people have the ability to make you want to do what you need to do.  Do you have to do it youself – absolutely!  But if someone can get you excited then they are helping to motivate!

I, personally, have relied heavily on my family and friends for support.  Could I do this without them?  Probably!  But how much harder would it be without them to lean on when times are difficult, a shoulder to cry on when things go wrong, someone to toss ideas at and know I am going to get an honest opinion, and most of all to celebrate with me when things are going well!

Then, there is the team that you are building.  How much of your success relies on other people?    If you are like me, it is great deal SmileIf I cannot inspire and motivate anyone to succeed, then where does that leave me?

The role of a mentor is also a huge factor (at least to me) in my success.  Even while we are doing everything we know to do, having a mentor behind us, urging, applauding, and showing the way keeps me going when things are good and when not so good.

I guess the point I am trying to make is that with the best work ethics in the world (which I admit I probably don’t have — but I continue to work on) we can make success happen in our lives.  But our support structure, our motivators, our mentors, our team, all play a part.

So is it up to me?  Yes!  But taking advantage of all the outside influences (obviously just the good ones) just makes sense and makes your job easier.


So have a great day, motivate yourself and let others help keep you motivated and in the words of Zig Ziglar “I will see YOU at the Top”.



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