If you read my blog post yesterday, you will have noticed that I started the day in not the best of moods.  However, I got myself out and went to work like I should.  It was Thursday which is the day of the weekly conference call with some of my awesome upline!  Since a lot of my reps come on this call, it is a must for me as well.  But let me point out, that even if I were the only one in the Unit who took this call, I would still be there.

Normally, Bill Coleman is the moderator for this call and he is Great!  He gets everyone involved and has a great sense of humor.  We all like him a great deal.  But yesterday he was traveling and we got a “Special Treat”!    Vondell McKenzie, the 1st Avon Leadership Representative and the most incredible woman in this business was kind enough to take Bill’s place.

I cannot begin to tell you what it meant to be able to listen to Vondell talk about the business and give the pearls of wisdom that she is able to contribute.  And to have her ask me questions (and actually know my name) almost me speechless.  And that, for everyone that knows me, is a rare occurence.

We were also treated to suggestions from a top Senior Executive Unit Leader who obviously knows her business well.  At the end of the call, Vondell introduced Dan Mundy who was celebrated at the Huge Gala in Hawaii with his wife Jackie as the #2 Representative in the Company.

In all, it was an hour I won’t soon forget!  I must admit that I have never been a big fan of meetings and conference calls, etc.  But listening to the wonderful people on these calls over the last couple of months has changed my attitude a lot.  These people are a true inspiration for me.

So I guess my parting words for you on this Friday morning would be: Take advantage of every opportunity you can get to learn from the people who are where you want to be.  It is never too late to learn and the wisdom you pick up can definitely help you climb the ladder to the top.



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