Is Your Business on Par?

Happy Friday!

Now that we are at the end of a  holiday week I find myself totally exhausted with all the work of a week compacted into three days. Surprised  Don’t get me wrong, I love holidays probably more than anyone, but trying to keep my business on track and still enjoying the holiday definitely keeps me on my toes.

The other day Amy and I were able to play a round of golf and it got us to thinking about the comparison between playing golf and running a business.  In golf each hole has a par which is the number of strokes you are trying to make to get the cute little ball into that tiny little hole. If you are running par, that is a GOOD thing.  But if you are below par, that is even better.

The question today is whether your business is running par or below?  We don’t count the number of strokes in our business, but the effort that you put into your business every day will make or break your par or below.  When playing golf, even though you totally blow it on a hole, you just keep at it.  You never see a golfer who just quits in the middle of the game because it isn’t going well.  They just keep working until their hard work pays off.  I will be the first to admit that in my golf game (and in my business) there have been times that I could have thrown in the towel.  But that would have accomplished nothing except making me feel more of a failure.  So I just keep plugging away until I see the success I am striving for.

They say that in Avon, as in other network marketing companies, the first 90 days are crucial because so many people give up during that time.  Consequently they never know how great they could have been, had they just kept working toward par.

As we approach the holiday season, I hope you will work on your business game daily!  After a day off, it is sometimes difficult to jump back in.  But if you will plan ahead on what you need to do when your day off is over, it will be much easier to jump back in with both feet. Smile

So look forward to the holidays when sales are going to be soaring, but plan your business so that the holidays are fun but also profitable.

Have a great week-end!


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