Lead by Example?

I was recently reminded that leading by example is essential to my Avon business or to any business.Foot in mouth

I had been talking to all my Leadership Reps about the importance of setting, writing down, and breaking down of goals.  My daughter, Amy, asked had I done it.  The answer, unfortunately, was “NO”.  So how could I truthfully sell them on the importance if I wasn’t doing it myself.

This forced me to take a good look at what I was doing to build my business.  Was I truly doing everything I could?   The obvious answer was “NO”.   So I have been taking a good look at what I am doing and what I am NOT doing.  

The quotation on my emails is “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results. – Albert Einstein.    Although I see it and read it every day, it took one comment from Amy to make me see it in a different light.

My question today is are you “Leading by Example?”  Are you doing the same thing over and over and still expecting different results?

Maybe you need a wake-up call like mine to make you review your goals and your course to reach them.

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