Negative People :(

I was reminded yesterday of the effect of Negative People on my attitude!  I’m sure that you know the type of person I am talking about.  This lady is a wonderful person and I really enjoy talking to her.  HOWEVER, I have noticed that when I get off the phone, I invariably feel worse about my Avon business.

Then, of course, there is the person in your business that complains incessantly about their people, the business, everything in general.  While you are constantly trying to pick them back up, you are also trying not to let them bring you down.

The easiest method, if not the most practical, would be to avoid them completely.  Unfortunately, at least for me, that is NOT always an option. Therefore you have to find ways to counteract the negative influences and keep yourself up and positive.

I find the best way is to listen to positive motivational people on CDs in my car. Zig Ziglar is my favorite and just a few minutes of his upbeat positive and funny attitude and my thoughts and spirits are back on a high note.  Another way:  Quickly call a positive person.  One that you know will help put you back on a mental high with your goals in place.

One of the more difficult things is to identify these negative people in your life.  But if you find yourself in a funk, check to see if you have talking to a negative person!  While you can’t avoid them completely, identifying them will be a major step in keeping them from affecting you in a negative way.

Good Luck and keep the positive thoughts flowing!  Smile

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