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  • Your Avon Brochures You received 20 Avon Brochures with your Start-Up which was 10 for two campaigns.  Ten for each campaign. But since brochures are ordered two campaigns in advance you will need to add brochures to each order (including your first order) to be able to keep your store open and customers happy.  When working on your first order be sure to only use the books that are appropriate for that campaign. ALWAYS REMEMBER that since brochures come in packs of 10, if you want 20 you order 2 packs, thirty 3 packs and so on.  The more you get the cheaper they get so be sure order plenty to continue building your customer base. You can find out the cost of the brochures by clicking on Order Brochures in the My Order Section and then Brochure Pricing Info.  You can also back order brochures to get more for a particular campaign or order regular brochures by using the product number. 055-745.   Just remember that they are two campaigns ahead so, for example,  if you want Campaign 10 you would use the dropdown menu and place it on 8.
  • Adding Sales TaxAll Avon Representatives are required to collect sales tax and send it to Avon with our regular payment on products that we sell to others or to ourselves.  The tax you must charge is based on where YOU live!  You can find your tax rate at the bottom of a local receipt.  Or if you prefer, you can use the tax calculator on under the heading My Account.  When you write up a customers receipt you add it in the appropriate place at the bottom and send the money to Avon with your regular payment and Avon takes it from there.
  • How do I get Paid? – For traditional sales, when you place an order, you write them up a receipt.  Be sure to include the $.75 order processing charge and the appropriate taxes.  Collect your money from them and give them a copy of the receipt showing what they ordered and what they paid.  When you place your order with Avon (everyone’s order goes in together), you will be charged for the cost of product, sales tax, brochures, and any business tools that you need. Your profit (or commission) is the between what you collect and what you owe Avon.  When a customer places an online order on your e-Rep site, Avon gives you the commission as a credit and you won’t owe them as much.  If you do not owe Avon anything and have direct deposit, it will accumulate to $25.00 and then be deposited in your account.

Happy Selling and be sure to contact your Upline if you have any questions!

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