Perfection Necessary?

I realize as I start this blog that I seem to always be talking about my business associates in my Avon business.  However, please be assured that when I do, it is always because they give me so much insight into myself.  

After a weekly conference call yesterday, I was talking to one of the reps that had attended.  I noted that many of the ideas that had been presented were things this Representative had contemplated doing but hadn’t yet.  After thinking about this all evening, I wondered if fear of failure could be part of why these things never happen?

I know that this is a problem that I deal with every day.  A very wise man once said, that “Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly, UNTIL you can do it well”.  I had wondered about that statement because I couldn’t imagine myself doing something “poorly”.  I admit, I am a perfectionist and I can’t stand the idea that I might do something that isn’t perfect.

This blog has taught me the value of that man’s statement.  I knew when I first posted that it wasn’t “perfect”.  And oh, the personal humiliation was almost overwhelming.  But, I persevered because I was determined to make it work.  I won’t claim that it is perfect now, but I hope it is getting better.

So, with my new found confidence, I have attempted many things in my Avon business that I shyed away from.  There have been e-cards, e-mails, contests, etc. that I had always thought about, but fear of imperfection kept me from it.  I will be the first to admit that I do ask my closest associates “What did you think?”  I still need the assurance that I did a good job.

So my question for you today is: Are you not doing the things you need to do in your business or your personal life out of fear that they won’t be perfect?  Or the fear of failure?  If so, jump off that ledge and do it poorly if you must “until you can do it better”. 

Have a Great Week-End! Smile



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