Personality Challenges In Leadership

For all of you that are in Leadership, I imagine you have noticed all the many different personalities of the people in your downline.  For some reason this has really been on my mind lately.  Whether it is an Avon Representative,  a Unit Leader, or a customer, the different personalities that I see on a daily basis is astounding.

Seems like a simple no brainer, everyone is different!  True enough, but how do you change your approach with each different person?  Or do you need to?  The speakers I have listened to pretty much deal out the information to everyone the same way.  But they are not working in a one-on-one situation on a daily basis.

While the information and help I want to share with each of my reps is the same, I feel the delivery MUST be adjusted to fit their personality or they will simply disregard it.

The perfectionist wants details and I have to be prepared with the exact hows and whys or I lose her.  The procrastinator, on the other hand, doesn’t need details but needs a more direct set of plans to make each day productive.  The pessimist needs the suggestions planted in such a positive way that it will overcome the automatic negative reaction. Then the dreamers need their information in such a way that they will take it from the dream stage to action. Then there are the needy reps who will try your patience to the last inch and the ones who really don’t need or want your help.

I have watched Leaders over the last few years and I have noticed that many want their people to do it THEIR way.  I admit I have been guilty of this, but I do work hard to try and fit my approach with what they need and how they need it.  Some Leaders don’t like the needy, because it takes a lot of their time that they feel could be better spent elsewhere.  They also don’t like the ones who don’t need them, maybe because they need to feel that control.  But everyone has an imporant place in the organization and it is all a part of what we do.

If I appear to be rambling here, it is because I haven’t really figured out exactly how you fit your approach to each person.  But I think it is something that as Leaders we really need to work on.

So think about the people in your organization or downline and consider their unique and wonderful personalities.  Are you giving them the help they need in a way that will make them open to receiving it?  Or are you handing it out to everyone in the same way and hoping it will take?

I know I have a lot of room for improvement and I am working hard on this.  So give it some thought and see if you have any room for improvement as well.

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