Potential for $1000 in 90 Days for New Representatives

Potential for $1,000 in 90 DaysPotential to earn $1,000.00 in 90 Days

For New Avon Representatives


Potential to earn $1000 with Avon’s new Incentive (Kick Start) is for New Representatives in their first six campaigns with Avon and couldn’t be easier.  This officially started on or after September 16, 2016.

By following the Kick Start Program, each new representatives has the potential to earn $1,000 or more in their first 90 days.

There are three components to the Program.

  1. Sales ComponentWhen a New Representatives who is appointed or places their first order on or after September 16, 2016 and achieve sales at the threshold on the chart below, they will earn 40% on all product sales (direct delivery, fixed-earnings items and beauty).

Potential for $1,00 new order incentive


2. Recruiting ComponentNew Representatives can also recruit and make even more.  There is a $50 Potential with avonbonus for every qualified recruit that they bring in during their first six campaigns.  They must be a Qualified KickStart Recruit, which is a new recruit who meets the first KickStart Sales Goal of $150 within 30 days of their appointment and they pay on time.

3. KickStart Performance Bonus – When a new representatives recruits a minimum of three (3) Qualified KickStart Recruits within the first six (6) campaigns and makes all their sales goals, they qualify to receive an additional two hundred ($200) performance bonus.  The combination of achieving their sales goals, recruiting goals, and the performance bonus can result in earning for the New Representatives of $1000.00 or more in their first six campaigns.

Program Conditions

  • The Incentive period for Kickstart starts with their first (1st) campaign and ends with the campaign update for their sixth (6th)
  • Since each campaign does stand alone, it means the Representative can earn to 40% earnings in any individual campaign even if a previous sales goal was missed.
  • The sales goal is calculated as sales less returns.

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