Praise to Success

I am starting this morning with something that has been on my mind since Friday!  I received some very high praise Friday from someone whose opinion means a great deal to me.  I found myself thinking about it over and over for two days so I decided that it warranted writing about this morning.

I’m sure that we all give praise when someone does something “really good”.  And that is a good thing.  But, do we give praise for all the little things?  I know this may sound trivial but maybe it’s something we need to take a closer look at.  During my years with Avon (especially the early years) I was frustrated by the fact that it seemed all the attention went to the BIG producers and I got lost in the shuffle.  I was working hard, but didn’t really feel like anyone noticed.  Since then I have seen and heard that same complaint from people in my downline.

Is is possible that praising people will lead them to bigger successes? I believe it will.  I know the praise I received last week has motivated me to do even more.

One of my solutions to that was to create my Recognition Page on this website.  But, again, this is praising the larger producers.  Each and every person who places an order and pays for it has done a “good” thing.  Whether it’s big or small, it’s still an accomplishment to be proud of.  Everyone works at their own pace and their own comfort level.

I, personally, intend to start making sure that EVERYONE knows that I think they are awesome.  I am so proud of every single person in my Unit and I want them to know that.  So if I have failed to let you know, forgive me, I intend to correct that.

So think about your business or personal life and the people that could be praised to success.  Are you only acknowleging the “big” producers?  I hope you will think about this and start making sure that “no one is lost in the shuffle”,



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