Why Do YOU Not Set Goals?

Everyone hears about goal setting and yet so few people actually do it! I can’t help but wonder why.  In a recent call we discussed the many reasons why people don’t actually set written goals for their business or their lives.

Fear of failure seems to be the number one reason!  I can certainly equate to this one because no one likes to come up short especially when other people are going to know.  

Another reason seems to be not wanting to make a commitment.  A commitment means, of course, that you are actually going to make the effort required to achieve your goals.  This can seem overwhelming and so it’s easier just not to do anything.

Not understanding how to set goals was another good reason that was brought out.  Teaching people how to set goals is a major part of Leadership (at least to me it is) but if your mentor doesn’t do it, there a lot of sources that you can turn to.

Procrastination is another reason that unfortunately hits all of us at some point, me included.  But if this is one of your problems, you need to watch for it in all aspects of your life and work on it constantly.  I guess you could set a goal to not procrastinate Smile

Lastly, one of the problems was just “being lazy”.  Unfortunately there seem to be people who fall in this category, but this can be fixed by a burning desire to achieve something.  You just have to identify what that desire is!

The bottom line to all of this, is where do you fall?  Setting goals does take time and effort!  Then you will always have to redo them and update them to keep them current with where you are in your life and your business.  But if you don’t set goals, how will you ever know where you are headed?  Even as I write this, I look at MY goal board and  I realize that I need to update it and make new and amended goals.

So look at your business (and your life) and decide what you want and where you want to go and start making plans on how to get there!  Don’t worry about falling short of our goals, because no matter where you land, you will still be further ahead!

I hope you will give this some thought over the week-end and have some goals in place by Monday.  

Have a Great Week-End,




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