Working From Home

Happy Hump Day!

I am guessing that you are wondering about the title for this blog post!  I must admit that it seems rather obvious considering that I am an Avon Representative, but I have noticed a lot lately that a lot of people seem to have a misconception on what working from home really means.

There are many different companies that allow you to work from home. The great thing is that you are your own boss, set your own hours, and have no one looking over your shoulder making sure that you are working every minute of the work day.

In my opinion this is the most wonderful way to work!  The problem that I am finding is that too many people don’t realize that you do HAVE to work.  In all honesty I will admit that there are times when the phone rings and I REALLY don’t want to answer it and deal with another problem.  Also, the idea of getting on the phone for 4 or more hours fills me with dread from time to time.  But I know that in order to make my business work, I have to invest my time.  For me, knowing that the distractions of home can prove impossible, many times I head to the local coffee shop to do my much needed phone work.  I still don’t have any one looking over my shoulder and I am outside under an umbrella enjoying the fresh air and the people and working my business.  This is one of the ways that I have found to help me do what I HAVE to do to make my business succeed.

Avon gives us some wonderful tools to work with, but they do no good if you don’t use them.  I am always amazed when I ask someone a question and they don’t know the answer when it is right before them if they just look at the tools that we have.  I don’t always like the answers that I see, but I know I have to look in order to try and fix them.

So the bottom line, to me, is that Working From Home is wonderful.  But please remember that you do have to work.  So plan your time and your work, use the tools your company gives you and make your home based business a success.

Have a Great Hump Day,


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