Your Business is Like A Treetop Adventure


If that title didn’t catch your attention, nothing will Laughing

To explain this one, I have to tell you that my children and I (and one girlfriend) went yesterday and did “A Treetop Adventure”.    It is an obstacle course and zip lines that is suspended in the treetops.

Seventy foot platformIf that sounds scary to some of you, let me assure you, it is!  However, I found many correlations between it and my business.

I REALLY wanted to do this adventure, but had many second thoughts over the last few weeks.  I finally realized that when you stop going for the new and adventurous, then you are truly stopped!  So off we went!

The course is much like your business in that it starts small and relatively easy and gets progressively harder and harder.  I kept telling myself, baby steps Micki, baby steps!  But I had to force myself many times to take a larger and larger step into unknown territory.  I will be the first to admit that there were a couple of times that I panicked and had to rely on Amy for reassurance that I COULD DO IT!  Just as we rely on our family, we can rely on our mentors or our upline to reassure us that we can make our business work.

Each time I had to jump from a platform onto a zip line, Amy was waiting at the next platform like a happy beacon urging me on.  But then we changed the order that we went and Amy was behind me. My first thought was, oh no, Amy won’t be there waiting for me, what will I do without her encouragement.  So, I told my son, I need you to be waiting and encouraging me when I get to the next platform.  So now I had the best of both worlds.  Amy was beside me when I pushed off, encouraging me, and Paul Wayne was waiting to encourage me at the other end.

Micki on the rope swing obstacle

So many times in our business we have to take a leap of faith at an obstacle that seems to loom larger and larger each time we look.  So many people won’t take advantage of the cheering section they have available that want to be of help.  They let the obstacle keep them from moving forward and being who they can be.

Now I didn’t set any records yesterday!  Nor did I perform with outstanding ability!   But I finished the course and I can’t tell you the satisfaction I got from that.

So maybe it’s time to look at the course of our business and start using our support team to help move past obstacles and finish. In Avon we can do what we want to make the money we want, but we have to go past the obstacles, take a few leaps of faith, and finish the course.

I hope your Monday and your week find you willing to do your “Treetop Adventure”. Do it, and as  Zig Ziglar always said  “I will see YOU, and yes, I do mean You,  At The Top!




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