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Happy Friday!!

I hope I am going to leave you with something to think about over the week-end, other than how much fun and leisure you can cram into two days. Smile

On a weekly conference call that I am on every Thursday I was forced to take a second look at my wonderful daily To Do List.  Without my list, I tend to wander aimlessly trying to remember all those things that I needed to do.  And I must admit, I have always been pretty proud of the fact that I make this list and plan my days.

But yesterday, it was pointed out that maybe the list wasn’t really getting me where I want to be.  Maybe, just maybe, I was accomplishing “things” but not really moving forward toward my goals. This really struck a chord and I began to look at my list while still on the call.

Having goals (hopefully written down) are important but it doesn’t stop there.  You have to have a strategy on how you are going to achieve these goals.  Otherwise, they remain a dream! Whether your strategy is to gain more customers by putting out more books, or making more follow-up calls,  or more recruits by advertising and prospecting, you must have a strategy.  Once you have a strategy in place, then comes the plan.  

A 90 day plan was suggested on the call yesterday and I must admit, I do not have one.  I fully intend to remedy this immediately.  Where do I want to be in 90 days?  This is going to take a little thought and a little homework.  Because just saying where I want to be, isn’t going to get me there.  I have to take the strategy and put it into the plan.

Which brings us to the TO DO List.  Once I have a workable Plan, then each item on my to do list everyday should be aimed at making the plan go forward which of course is working the strategy which is aimed at my goals.

I realize as I read this that it sounds a little confusing but I am confident that it is definitely the way I need to be heading.  What about you?  I know you have goals (or dreams), but do you have a strategy on how to achieve them?  Do you have a plan set down on how to make that strategy work?  And of course, does your daily to do list include items that are working your plan?

Hopefully this will give you the same food for thought that it has given me.  I know for sure that one my short term goals (by Monday) is to have a my strategies and a 90 day plan written down so by Tuesday I will know that my To Do list is advancing me toward my dreams and my goals!

Have a great weekend!



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