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130 years


Years ago, I  got the idea for this page when I stumbled across some actual product from the California Perfume Company among my grandmother’s things. I am the third woman in my family to have chosen AVON as a career. My mother sold AVON for 30 years, and before that my grandmother sold for the California PerfumeCompany and AVON.

The hard work of many of today’s AVON Representatives is recognized by earning membership into the David H. McConnell Club. David H. McConnell started out as a traveling book salesman, but in 1886, after realizing most of the women he met in his business were more interested in the free perfume samples he offered rather than his books, he started the California Perfume Company. Most find it hard to believe, but the California Perfume Company was founded and based in New York City at 126 Chambers Street.

Avon has been a known Brand for over 130 years and it promises to continue to be one for many years to come.  Although it started as the California Perfume Company its offerings have evolved over time to include everything from perfume, makeup, skin products, bathroom products, to kitchen and home essentials.  Noted now for its outstanding fashion, jewelry, pocketbooks, and shoes, it is a one stop shop for everyone.  The introduction of meet Mark several years introduced a whole new line of makeup, and fashions geared to the young and young at heart.  Avon’s New Living Magazine combines quality and unique home and garden items, with a value price and that has been met with huge success.

As I mentioned earlier, my grandmother sold Avon many years ago and  I was fortunate enough to get some of the products that she sold.  Note that the labels still have California Perfume Company/Avon on them.





Avon was known for many years for unique cologne decanters.  To this day, many are considered collectors items.  The following are just a couple that were on display at Auburn University Theatre Department in Auburn Alabama.

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Avon and History - 130 Years Strong

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