Avon’s  Mark is a definite must for the newest trends in both fashion and makeup!  Nestled in the pages of the regular Avon brochure, Mark is a section that shouldn’t be missed.  I have heard nothing but rave reviews from the people who use Mark and I must agree. Originally geared for the younger, trendier market, meet Mark is definitely for all ages whether you are young or young at heart!

 Mark Products Galore!

When you are ready to defy in Style try the newest in colognes –  the new mark REBEL LUXE.  Part edgy, partmeet mark rebel luxe opulent.  You are sure to be the leader of your own style revolution with this chic blend of irresistible dark plum, sophisticated baccarat rose and mysterious patchouli.

Or if you are ready to pamper yourself, you have your choice of several different ways for bath and body.  Mark always features the ultimate pampering combination of scents and mist, creams, butters and scrubs.  Naked Love is fresh and clean in the most amazing way with notes of apricot nectar, white peaches, velvet freesia and skin meet mark naked lovemusk.  For your passionate side try Passionate for Plumberry and play into your dramatic side with notes of succulent plum, blackberry and passionflower. Or you can find your most sweet-tart self in a sparkling blend of citrus and sugar with Sweet on Lemon Sugar. So just pick your pleasure and indulge.

So from clothes to hair care and makeup and beyond the Mark Magalog is guaranteed to be a hit.  Chockful of the newest trends it is truly not to be missed.  Check out the entire book online now at the link below and see for yourself.


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