animaed dollar2Tips To Recruiting Online (and Make More Money)

  1. Make a decision and set a goal to be a Recruiting Machine!  We hear over and over about the benefits of recruiting and the money that we can make and we think “I should do that”. but life happens and we never seem to get around to it.  The only way to start recruiting either online or face-to-face is to just Start it!!!  Set yourself a goal to have either your 1st or 50th by a certain time Target-achieved1and then make your plans accordingly.  If you love Avon you will have no problems sharing this great company with other people.  But make that decision and set a goal, whether it’s big or small and then get started.  Click here for more about setting and keeping goals.
  2. Know where your want to go!  It’s great to set a goal to recruit but you have to be specific! With Avon there are steps to make it easier to get to the top.  This chart shows you where to start and when happens on those first steps.  Recruiting Ambassador MoneyThat’s pretty impressive!!  So now you know the first steps and the money you can make!  Each step you accomplish,  you set your goal for the next one!
  3. Memorize your Online Signup Reference Code – Avon provides every Representative with their own website where we place our orders, study at Avon University, and pay our bill.  But, they also provide our Web Office where so much can be accomplished with both online sales and online recruiting.  When you click on Web Office at, you will see this on your right hand column:               website addressThe information after the / is your online signup reference code.  Even if you are a brand new Representative anyone, anywhere, can use this code and become part of your team.  The first thing I ask someone is what is your Reference code? Know it by heart so that can use it everywhere.
  4. Use your Avon E-Store for recruiting!  Avon does all they can to help us build a team.  Once you click on Web Office, click on Social Media Center and from there it’s even easier.  With polished professional ads, you can post your opportunity to become an Avon Representative on your team on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and GooglePlus with ease.  By downloading the new mobile App you can even do this on the fly while out selling and Edit EStorerecruiting face-to-face. Also be sure to go into your Avon eStore  and click on Edit My eStore.




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Tips for Selling and Recruiting Avon Online

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