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How Do I Get More Recruits to Sign Up Online?

If you are anything like me and much of the online population, you are familiar with the internet, can work  some programs, send great emails, and navigate websites with ease.  However, driving visitors to a website much less getting them to do anything while they are there is a mystery wrapped up in an enigma!

While this is still a relatively new endeavor for me and a tremendous learning curve there are some tricks of the trade that I have found, am using, and that work. You can try them all or the ones that work for you.

Your Avon eRepresentative Store –  While all of us Avon reps know our store is there, how muchsocial media do we actually use this, our first line of defense.  We add our picture and then wait for those magical sales to appear! But there is so much more you  can do.  I definitely recommend you add your picture and contact information.  While this might seem pretty mundane, most people like to see the smiling face of a real person they are dealing with.  Also, you want to visit it on a regular basis and change things around because if someone comes back and nothing has really changed chances are they will go somewhere else. There are other ways to customize including but not limited to coupon codes and information on joining your team. When working with your Avon store as with any other website, imagination and creativity go a long way to encouraging people to use it.

Avon also provides us these wonderful little gadgets called Widgets. I highly recommend you check them out and install immediately. The Believe in Your Business widget is great as you are building your team and the newsletter widget will help you gather their information for your future use in marketing sales.

emailWhile most of hate to have our customers receiving email after email, the automated system Avon offers, it is a great way to make sure your customers  have all the latest promotions with little or no work on your part. There are two separate emails, the campaign and promotional and it is recommended you send  both.   Customers who choose not to receive them can unsubscribe at any time.

Facebook for Your Avon Business -Although I know a few people who are not on Facebook, they are few and far between.  As most everyone agrees Facebook and Pinterest are the go to places to buy and sell. So, if you are like me, and you don’t want to drown your friends and family in constant Avon posts, you set up a separate Avon Facebook Business page. On this page, in my opinion, it is best if you personalize it  with a similar picture to the one on your Avon estore. People will notice and relate because they know that you are real and serious about your business.

Avon offers a constant flow of social media in your web office that you can easily post to your Facebook Business page.  Plus you can once again use your creativity and find your own things to post!  You can use it to post things to build your team, create a platform for motivation and, of course, to build your online sales.

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Tips for Selling and Recruiting Avon Online

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