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Avon Recruiting Tips – Recruiting Avon Representatives Online

As much as I love selling to my customers face-to-face,  the opportunity to recruit, build, and develop an Avon team is one that I have come to treasure.  I learned that many of the top representatives in Avon who earn a significant yearly income have built and continue to build successful leadership businesses. My upline taught me early on that it is a continuous process to recruit, and teach your team to recruit as well.  They also pointed out that if you can build a good team, you will have a long term income that will make your efforts worthwhile.  I have had success in recruiting online, using a lot of different methods.

I always recommend to a representative that each person has to decide what works for them and it is interesting all the methods I have seen work in both selling Avon and recruiting Avon Representatives.  But if you can find your special spot in marketing online, you can build a successful Avon team and take full advantage of all Avon Leadership has to offer.  I love meeting new people and giving them the Avon Opportunity in person, but when they appoint themselves online it definitely gives me a lot more time for all the many facets of my Avon business not to mention the time with my family.

I do a lot of advertising locally for people who are interested in Selling Avon, Building a Business, or just need extra money.  With this method, I have met and recruited some awesome people who have been a huge asset to my team and for Avon.  Avon also offers their New Lead system called ALMA.  In order to take advantage of thisTarget-achieved1 program you must:

  • Recruit two people – You must be a Star Promoter and a Star Promoter has two recruits.
  • Complete the Lead Conversion Class on at Avon University
  • Opt into ALMA in the profile section of

Receiving Recruiting Leads from the Avon Alma System is a great way to help build your team.  Take advantage of this system by recruiting your first two recruits and putting yourself in a position to receive them.

As in online sales, Recruiting online involves a lot of social media.  If you don’t have a Avon blog now, consider starting one.  Promoting your blog to your social media sites will drive traffic to your website and increased traffic means increased sales and recruiting.  Be sure to include your reference code on all posts, social media sites, and websites.  Your reference code is what follows the / in your Avon web address.

My Avon Rising Stars Team is in various states across the country and that is so exciting for me.  I’m available to all representatives every day, for whatever they need, wherever they are by phone, text, email, conference calls, etc. Once you get a handle on recruiting both online and face-to-face, you will be amazed at the growth of your team, and you will start reaching to achieve incentives, cash bonuses and Avon Leadership titles.  I always recommend to my representatives to set a goal but I believe that you set short term goals for long term benefits.  Once you reach your first goal, you immediately set the next one up.  You definitely need to know the details of the Leadership requirements, but mainly you work towards improving where you are and know where you want to be and the next goal to reach.

Tips for Selling and Recruiting Avon Online

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As the Leader of the Avon Rising Star Team I am always proud of the accomplishments of my team!  Since we are spread out around the United States, I keep in touch with everyone for training, motivation, and recognition by phone support, email, texting, blogs or whatever works for the individual representative.  I am available to anyone who needs me every day for most anything you need.  I welcome new representatives and you can sign up to sell Avon by clicking here. Buy Avon Online Sign up to Sell Avon Online How to Sell Avon Online  

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