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 Can I  Make Money Selling Avon Online?

Although I have been in Leadership for a number of years, one of the frequently asked questions I have gotten in the few is How to Sell Avon Online, and can you really make money doing it.  I must admit, that I was stumped for awhile and then decided to start checking it out to figure out how it can best be done.  One thing I have discovered is that Selling Avon Online can be very profitable.  It requires a lot of thought and work and learning outside your current learning curve.  At least for me it has, but it is a journey worth taking and I learn more and more every day and slowly am building an online customer base.  As I have told my new recruits for many years, you build your Avon business every day and every campaign.  And if you stick with it, you will build a great customer base with the money that comes with it. The same is true in online sales and I believe that building a solid customer base either face-to-face or online will bring you many loyal customers and great sales.  What I want to do here, is to try to help both myself and my Unit learn and build their online sales..  It is important to know How to Sell Avon Online, How to Sell Avon Successfully, and how to implement all social media to boost your Avon sales.Online Selling Live a Big Life with money

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Selling Avon Online

Even though I concentrated on selling to  customers face-to-face for many years, I have begun an intense program to target online sales as well as keeping up my loyal local customer base.  Using blog posts and social media I am beginning to see my online sales increase and I feel sure that continuing these things and adding more as I proceed I will continue to see the increase and I feel sure you will to.

The one thing that everyone seems to agree with is online sales are SO easy.  Once your customer has placed their order, Avon takes care of the rest.  It is delivered directly to them but you still make the commission.  However, my team has constantly commented that it is harder to get online sales than the normal face-to-face marketing.  It does require more in the way of working on your computer, and using your website and social media to do the leg work.  When I speak to new Representatives, I usually recommend doing both face-to-face and online.  You can do Online only, but I wouldn’t trade my loyal customers that I see every few weeks and they add nicely to my sales as well.

Tips for Selling and Recruiting Avon Online

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As the Leader of the Avon Rising Star Team I am always proud of the accomplishments of my team!  Since we are spread out around the United States, I keep in touch with everyone for training, motivation, and recognition by phone support, email, texting, blogs or whatever works for the individual representative.  I am available to anyone who needs me every day for most anything you need.  I welcome new representatives and you can sign up to sell Avon by clicking here. Buy Avon Online Sign up to Sell Avon Online How to Sell Avon Online  

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