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Join the elite group of top-achieving Representatives who are members of the 2016 President’s Recognition Program.

Be the Best You can be and Enjoy these Perks as a President’s Club Member.

Enjoy guaranteed earnings of 40% (more as your sales increase).

Receive an invitation to your annual Gala Event.

Have the Opportunity to purchase multiple demos.

Be recognized for your achievements with awesome awards.

Be Absolutely Awesome with Avon’s President’s Recognition Program!

If you are like me, and a huge proportion of our world right now, there is never quite enough money to do everything we want to do.  With Avon you can decide what you need (or want) and set your goals to make it.  With the flexibility Avon offers you can decide whether you want to do it full time or part time, and exactly how and when you want to do it.  I recommend to everyone that the first goal they should set is to reach “President’s Club”.  I have achieved this every year that I have been in the business and I love the benefits.  A guaranteed 40% on all regular items for the entire year would be incentive enough, but add the extra demos, & President’s gala, it becomes even more enticing. Below are listed the levels for sales in Avon for 2016.  These sales levels are for a calendar year which is Campaign 1 through 26.  Once you reach the first level of President’s Club I can guarantee, you will work to stay there.

Avon Sales Levels for 2016

  • Level 1 – President’s Club $10,000
  • Level 2 – Honor Society: $20,000
  • Level 3 – Rose Circle: $35,000
  • Level 4 – David H. McConnell Club: $65,000
  • Level 5 – President’s Council: $110,000
  • Level 6 – Inner Circle $220,000

Ways to Build your Avon Customer base and Increase Your Sales!

  1. The most important thing to selling Avon, in my opinion, is your desire to take care of your customers.  If you make sure to get their products to them in a timely manner, always follow up to make sure they are satisfied, they will become good, repeat, and loyal customers.  Try to greet everyone with a smile and make them glad to see their Rep coming in the door.
  2. Set your Goals!!!!  If you are brand new, look at the new incentives and see where you want to be each campaign.  Set your longer goal to make “President’s Club”.  Then you can set your goals for each campaign to reach that level.  You can always talk to you upline and ask for her to help you track for this.
  3. Do what works for you!  As individuals some things will works better for one than the other.  Be creative and find the sales approach that works for you.  Talk to other Representatives to get ideas that you can try to see if they work for you as well and try them all.
  4. Use the Avon products.  Whether it’s the clothes, shoes, ,make-up, or whatever.  I get a ton of compliments on my Avon shoes and I am quick to say “They’re Avon.”  I encourage my customers to let people know if they love a product.  Word of mouth is often the best advertisement.  Whenever I get a new product, I always tell my customers how much I love it.
  5. Never leave home without your Avon brochures.  Just carrying a book in your hand will often result in someone asking if you have an extra.
  6. When selling the traditional face-to-face method, I cannot emphasize enough to always order plenty of books.  Your book is your store and the more books that are out there with your name and contact information on them, the more hours you store is open.  One good method for a new Avon Representative is increase the amount of books you buy each campaign.  This gives you two weeks to find places for the new books without overwhelming you with a huge number of books at one time.
  7. Samples Sell! Study after study has shown that people love to try before they buy.  So invest what you can in samples and try to always get the newest products in samples out to your customers.
  8. Treat your loyal customers like the royalty they are.  Invest in small items that you can use as a gift with purchase?  Make up customer coupons such as the one you can get on this link, offer discounts or percentages off.  These little things means so much to a customer and can make you irreplaceable in their minds.
  9. Decide how much time you have to build your Avon business.  Take a few minutes and schedule your week and then try and stick to the schedule.  Things always come up that get in our way, but if you have a plan you are steps ahead of the game.  Avon has always said that to try 3 new sales and recruiting attempts every day will build your sales and your team.  Try it and I think you will be amazed at the results.

Tips for Selling and Recruiting Avon Online

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As the Leader of the Avon Rising Star Team I am always proud of the accomplishments of my team!  Since we are spread out around the United States, I keep in touch with everyone for training, motivation, and recognition by phone support, email, texting, blogs or whatever works for the individual representative.  I am available to anyone who needs me every day for most anything you need.  I welcome new representatives and you can sign up to sell Avon by clicking here. Buy Avon Online Sign up to Sell Avon Online How to Sell Avon Online  

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