Espira – Customized Health and Wellness Line




espiraEspira is the new Health and Wellness line from Avon that everyone is talking about.  We all want to feel our very best and Avon’s new line is here to help.  The line can have you see results that could change your life.

All ingredients are:

*Made with the highest-quality, naturally sourced whole food and superfoods

*NON-GMO ingredients

*NO preservatives

*NO artificial colors and flavors

*Created by leading nutrition-industry experts.

METABOLISM BOOST – Boost your energy with safe, naturally sourced plant-based ingredients.

HUNGER BLOCK – Reduce your food cravings for hours

NATURAL ENERGY – Long-lasting energy from clinically studied concentrates of green tea and whole coffee fruit extracts.

IDEAL CLEANSE – A gentle, three-day regimen with clinically studied ingredients to reboot your digestive system and reset your metabolism.

PLANT POWER PROTEIN – Fuel up with 21 grams of pure, natural plant protein

GLOW – With this AM Protect and PM restore the beauty inside & out system

CALM – Relax from the stress of everyday life while maintaining an alert state of mind.

RESTFUL SLEEP – Sleep well and wake up refreshed.

COMPLETE NUTRITION – One packet…three pills.  The new DAILY espireESSENTIALS is a complete nutritional foundation for your body–sourced from whole, healthy foods–in three pills.  The 30 take-anywhere packets include:

A multivitamin with 19+ essential vitamins and minerals plus phytonutrients

A full spectrum omega-3 capsule to support cardiovascular health

Plant-based antioxidant protection from more than 50 fruits and vegetables to target eye, heart and immune health.

So start your New Year with a New You with Espira!!


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