Fundraiser – Why Should you have one?

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Everyone has something they are passionate about and we all want to fundraiserhelp them succeed.  Avon Fundraisers have proven to be a great method to raise much needs funds to help your group whether its an animal shelter, police department, or a school or church organization.  Everyone loves Avon andfundraiser people love to get great products while still giving.  With an Avon fundraiser your charity can earn up to 50% of the profits (based on the representative choice) and everyone gets products they can use.

For the representative you can increase your earnings immediately!  Even if you only have a small group you can earn big and contribute big!  For example a group with only 20 participants who selling $15 worth of products to just 10 customers each – gives you a $3,000.00 order –entitling you to 50% earnings in that campaign.  As a representative you decide what percentage of the $1,500.00 goes to the Fundraising Organization.  The rest is your profit.

Avon makes it easy for you to do by providing all the tools you will need for a successful fundraiser. fundraiserEach flyer contains bargains that are available for the person to purchase like the one pictured.  From Bug Guard, to makeup and skin care, there is bound to be something they want or need.

You can reach more potential customers!  You will be networking with a variety of people and everyone you contact is a potential customer, a source of referrals or a prospective recruit.



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