Scream Scene – Avon For Your Halloween Fright!

Spooktacular Décor from Avon for a FUN FRIGHT!

scream scene decor


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This Halloween be ready to haunt your house with great spook-tacular décor from a Haunted phone, talking haunted mirror, or the perfect Led Light-up Tree and much, much, more. Sure to bring a scream from the unsuspecting guest muhahahaha!

Dead Man Calling Motion Sensor Haunted Phone- This totally frightful phone rings, taunts and haunts as you walk by.  The phone dial lights up, rings and says, “Happy Halloween…hahaha” as you walk by.  Plastic, uses 3 AA batteries (not included) 9″x6.5″x8″  $24.99

Motion Sensor Haunted Mirror – If this doesn’t bring out a soul-piercing scream nothing can! A scary skull demon appears in motion-activated mirror!  When he appears he says 3 scary sayings as you walk by: “I’m coming to get you! Run while you can?!, “Let me out…let me out? Ahh!” and “The time has come, muahaha”; plastic, used 3 AA batteries (not included) 13″ x 10″ x 2.25 $24.99

Light-Up Beware Sign BEWARE – Warn the foolhardy not to enter with this Light-Up sign!  Resin/plastic, uses 2 AA batteries (not included) 14″ x 2″ x 9″ $24.99

Dark Night Collection LED Light-up Tree – What would Halloween be without at least one haunted tree?  Plastic/metal, uses 3 AAA batteries (not included) 17.5″ high $19.99

Dark Night Collection Haunted House – Beware of the Haunted House, who knows what or who is in there? Cardboard/plastic/metal, uses 3 AAA batteries (not included) 8″ x 4.75″ x 10.75″ high $19.99

Don’t Forget: Pick Your Poison?  Feeling bone-dry?  Drink UP!!!! And Scream

Scream at the Skeleton glass bowl

 Skeleton Glass Bowl is the perfect companion for your Halloween Feast!  Hand Wash only 8″ x 8″ $24.99

Skeleton Mug – Set of 2 – And, of course, your hauntingly refreshing beverage should only be consumed from a Skeleton MUG! Plastic, hand wash, each holds up 19.5 oz, each 5″ x 3.75″ $9.99

So decorate, sit back and wait for the unknown!

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