Softer Skin? Skin So Soft has the Answer!

Softer Skin?softer skin with skin so soft Skin So Soft Your Way to Softer Skin!


Softer skin is something we all want and as spring gets closer and we shed our jackets and sweaters we will showing more of it.  So get ready for the season with Avon’s Skin so Soft!  Starting with the skin-softening Signature Bath oil whose formula is designed to act like skin’s natural oils, helping replenish moisture and nutrients for the look and feel of soft, touchable skin.

Whether you choose Original with jojoba oil and a fresh herbal scent, Soft & Sensual with argan oil and a spicy floral scent or Radiant Moisture with argan oil and a peony and musk scent you are going to be thrilled at the way you feel.

Campaign 8 is featuring the 16.9 fluid ounce Skin so Soft Signature Bath Oils at $11.99 each!!!

And to add even more softness to your beauty routine our Skin So Soft Body Lotion will fit the bill perfectly.  Campaign 8 features the Bonus-size lotion of 33.8 fluid ounce.  So stock now and have plenty on hand for your skin and summer outfits.

softer skin with skin so softOriginal gives 48-hour moisturization.  Skin feels nourished and conditioned.

Soft & Sensual. 48-hour moisturization and skin looks and feels sensually smooth.

Radiant Moisture. 48-hour moisturization and renews skin’s healthy radiance.

Supreme Nourishment. 48-hour moisturization and transforms skin from dry to supremely soft and nourished.

Get any of them now for ONLY $10.49 EACH!


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