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Now everyone knows that shopping online is growing by leaps and bounds.  While many still prefer the brick and mortal store, online sales are sure to continue to rise and we need to let everyone know that our store is here 24/7 for their shopping enjoyment.

There are a lot of great reasons for our customers to do their online shopping with us and even more reasons for us to provide this option.

nowYour customers can shop and place their order in the comfort of their home.  It is then delivered directly to them from Avon so they don’t have to wait for delivery. The entire brochure is available online and they can back order to get a price they don’t want to miss. Shipping is free with a $40.00 order with specials on shipping coming out periodically. They can also get a copy of the newest book with their order.

Right now through Campaign 17 (Repfest) all online order count as double dollars!  What a fantastic nowway to make President’s Club this year.

Online sales for you have so many benefits and Avon is adding extra help and incentives to make it even easier and more profitable.  When your customers shop your e-store, you get your normal commission with little to no effort. With Rapid pay, it’s a  faster way to get paid for your online sales. First they apply your earning to any account balance you have and two business days after the order bills, your remaining earnings more than $5 will be deposited in your bank.  So be sure you’re enrolled in direct deposit for ONLINE SALES.

nowAVON SOCIAL —  Thanks to all the great brains Avon Social has everything you need to start making an impact on social media to increase your sales and recruiting.  Their content is constantly updating and the system makes it simple to post whatever you choose. Plus they are always offering great giveaways that are sure to entice your customers.  If you haven’t tried it, you need to!

Plus the incentives just keep coming, like HIGH 5 ONLINE and the REFER A FRIEND Program.

So if you haven’t started online sales, or if you need to build them, check out Avon Social and let your customers know that your store is always open.

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