Ultimate Supreme Dual Elixir



Ultimate Supreme Dual Elixir is the newest product in the Avon Anew Line and it is proving to be a totally awesome product.  Introduced by Avon in Campaign 7 this dual formula has shown that 89% have showed improvement in text, radiance, wrinkles, firmness and moisture in just one week. (Based on those who expressed an opinion in a consumer perception study.)

A combination of a unique and superior serum with Tahitian Black Pearl Extra and a luxurious blend of precious oils know for their skin-smoothing and firming benefits.  Black Pearl Extract is shown to enhance skin’s ability to retain moisture and help you see a dramatic difference in deep wrinkles and skin radiance.   Camellia oil which is rich in essential fatty acids and helps to improve skin texture and firmness combines with Argon Oil.  This oil is so precious it’s called “liquid gold”.  With vitamin  E, it helps to visibly infuse skin with a radiant moisture. Regularly $50.00 Now just $34.99

Of course, Anew also has their Hydra Fusion line which is a power-packed combo of hyaluronic acid + raspberry antioxidant which keeps skin looking refreshed and glowing.  The Hydra Fusion Gel Cream provides 72 hours of long-lasting hydration.  Use it am/pm after your replenishing serum.  Just $17.99

And the Anew Hydra Fusion De-Puffing Eye Serum with caffeine will help your eyes appear refreshed.

So get ready to try the newest and best and start looking like the you, you want to be.


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