Why Go Into Avon?

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I spend a lot of my time helping people start their Avon business and helping people to realize the benefits of owning their own business.  A lot of people in my downline say they don’t know what to say  when talking to a potential recruit.  I believe the attributes of this business are pretty easy to explain so I am going to give you my opinion of why this business is the way to go.

1.   YOU WORK YOUR OWN HOURS.    Let me rush to say, that doesn’t mean that you don’t work…you do!  But you are able to schedule your work and your leisure so that you have the time to do what you want and the time to work.  You don’t have someone saying  you must be in a certain place until a certain time.  So while you are working hard, it is on your terms.

2.  YOU WORK WITH WHO YOU WANT.  I’m sure each of you has worked at a job that had at least one person you just could not deal with.  While I have to admit I have my favorite and not-so-favorite people, as a general rule, if I don’t like them at all, I don’t have to work with them.

3. YOU HAVE UNLIMITED EARNING POTENTIAL.  In a regular job, no matter how hard you work, your salary depends on the boss and how much the company can afford to pay you.  Even though raises might come often (or maybe not), in a regular 9-5,  in our type of business the skys the limit!  That is hard to beat

4. YOU CAN’T BE FIRED OR LAID OFF.  Unless you go directly against all rules and policies of the company (and why would you?) you have enormous job security.  In our economy down sizing is a normal thing these days.  Also, in our state, an employer doesn’t have to have a reason to fire you.

If you aren’t already in the business, hopefully this will give you some good reasons to get started.  If you are already a Representative, maybe this will remind you why you came in.  If nothing else, I hope it will serve to get you moving towards changing your life and moving toward those goals and dreams that you nurture in your heart of hearts.

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