Work to Get Motivated?

My very favorite motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, often said that you don’t get motivated to go to work, you go to work and “THEN” you get motivated.  For some reason, the thinking behind that statement escaped me for a long, long time!

But in my Avon home based business I have discovered exactly what he was talking about.  One of the things that I truly did not enjoy was making hours of precalls.  So, of course, I did what every good procrastinator does: I found 99 other things that were “more important” to do.

But one day I realized I was hurting myself and my business and I was just going to have to bite the bullet and make those calls.   Lo and behold, I sat down and got started and realized that I was excited as I saw my list getting shorter and shorter.  So now, I block out the time and just get started and about 20 names into the list I am totally motivated to making these calls.

This can be true for every aspect of your daily work in your own home based business.  We don’t have a  boss looking over our shoulder so what we get done is up to us.  Try making your list of what you need to get done every day and I guarantee that once you start that list you will be motivated to work and motivation breeds success.

So as you start you new day, remember go to work and YOU WILL GET MOTIVATED to succeed.

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