Perfection & Your Home Based Business



I don’t know about anyone else, but I have found that being a perfectionist can be a real draw back in my Avon Home Based business.

So many times I have found that I have to keep encouraging people to just “Do It”.  I remind them that any problems that arise, we will take care of them.

So, now I need to take my own advice.  Writing this blog is a perfect example!  I am a “perfectionist” so consequently I never want to post a blog until I have had the time to do it perfectly.  Unfortunately, I have realized that the time never comes when you are busy building a business. 

So, my advice to you and most especially to “ME” is to just “DO IT”.  So if these blogs are lacking, forgive me, I promise they will get better as I get better at it.  But, at least, I am accomplishing something that I have been putting off.


Good Luck and remember “Just Do It” !

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