Working Your Home Business in the Rain

As an Avon Representative, I find one of the most daunting things is when I wake up to pouring rain.  The immediate urge is, of course, to go back to bed and dream of sunshine.  Unfortunately that really doesn’t help the business much.

So at this point, you must get creative!  Although there is always much paperwork to contemplate, there are also people to see, product to deliver, and people to appoint.  However, walking into an office with rain dripping from your hair into your eyes is not the ideal image you want to portray.

My customers expect me on a certain day and I am loath to change that.  But, with a week of rain, I figure they will adjust and understand.  So I head out to work in between the rain showers which leaves the day of 100% rain chances free to work in the office. 

I guess the bottom line is that if you can get creative, adjust your schedule to fit the weather and keep on working you can still keep your business growing and avoid the inevitable regrets of wasting several days and trying to catch up.

So if it’s raining, or snowing, get out of bed, get creative and keep your home business growing.

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