Am I Where I Want To Be?

Happy Friday,

I do realize it is only Thursday night, but Friday is just a few hours away so I figured it was ok to say that.  

Something that has been on mind a lot lately, is the title to this blog.  I see a lot of people in my Avon business.  A lot of customers, a lot of representatives and a lot of Friends.  But one thing I have noticed a lot lately is that so many of the people I talk to are not really happy where they are.

Now that is not always a bad thing in my opinion.  If you are not happy, many times it gives you the drive to change your life, your job, or whatever it is that is keeping you from being happy.

Unfortunately a lot of what I see and hear is just the opposite.  Our scramble to make ends meet is often keeping people in places they don’t really want to be.  And while this is usually necessary maybe they are overlooking possibilities because they are stuck in a routine. Or maybe they are scared to take a leap of faith to do what they really want to do.  Or, maybe they don’t know what they want to do and they HAVE to pay the bills.  I definitely agree that you can’t just stop paying the bills.

I’m sure that there are a lot of people who think I go overboard on goal setting, planning and all the stuff that goes into it.  And sometimes I, too, get discouraged when my plans don’t work out the way I want them to.  But if I didn’t have my plans and my goals, my life would be running itself instead of my being in control of my life.

Anything that you want to do (within reason – obviously I will never be a brain surgeon) is within your power if you really want to do it.  But sometimes you have to think about Am I REALLY where I want to be? If not, then start considering your options and formulatting a plan.  I have a friend who desperately wants to change where she works but for some reason she can’t seem to take that final leap and make the change.

In Avon, and in many Home Based Businesses, you don’t have to be anywhere you don’t want to be.  A conference call I was on this morning really took that point home.  We had a ton of people on the call ranging from brand new Reps to seasoned Senior Reps.  The thing that was pointed out constantly, was that the difference between them was just time and motivation.  Everything in our business is a matter of deciding where you want to be and making your plans and using all resources to get there.  That certainly doesn’t mean you aren’t going to run into some roadblocks on the way.  But that detour sign is just that – A Detour.  Another way to get where you are going.  

Life is too short not to grab that brass ring.  So what is holding you back?  Avon’s big season is upon us, so now the time to sell, share, & show and make your business take you to where you want to be.

I am hoping next week to talk a lot more about increasing your sales and recruiting so I hope it will be some help. Also,  Amy is working on making this blog so that you can comment or ask questions and I am really looking forward to that. I love getting input about the blog or the website and I am always up for suggestions on things to talk about or work on.  Until then, please feel free to comment in the Guestbook.

Have a Great Weekend and I will see you Monday,



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