Another Manic Monday!

Good Morning,

I have always loved the song (Another Manic Monday) and I can certainly identify with it today. My to do list for this Monday is rather daunting and I have to admit I was feeling a bit negative about it while I was getting myself ready for the day. This, of course, left me wondering why lately my Monday’s always seem to be chockful of stuff to do.

While doing my normal morning chores to make sure the house and puppies are ready for the day, I came to a conclusion about the cause of this chaos.  During the week we try to stay on top of all the stuff our Avon business requires of us.  And on the week-end, we are trying to do home and family things.  I used to work a lot on week-ends and I began to resent the time away from relaxing.  So now,  while I do some work, I spend more time relaxing, refreshing, and recharging my batteries.

In our lives I think we must find a balance between work and pleasure. Starting and maintaining a new business takes a lot of work to be sure but if you burn yourself out, you have nothing.  Don’t misunderstand, you MUST put in a great of deal of work to build a business that will support you in the style you want to become accustomed to.  But, you do have to recharge your batteries at some point.  So find a balance where you are working hard to build your business and taking some time for yourself.

So for me, the Manic Monday comes from the stuff that accumulated over the week-end that didn’t have the highest priority for me to do at that time.

All that being said, Amy and I did create a new page on the web-site. It is one that I have been thinking about for a while and I am really proud of. While I am always proud of everyone in my Unit, sometimes people need and deserve recognition for what they accomplish.  So my new Recognition page will be attempting to do just that.  It is for each campaign so be sure to check and see if your name is there.  If it isn’t, you can fix that! 

Set your goals and I know your name will be showing up on the Recognition page on a regular basis.

So look at your priorities for the day, and have a GREAT Manic Monday Smile



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