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As I started out on this beautiful Monday morning, my thoughts are on my customers who are a big part  of my business and very important to me in many ways.  I always enjoy the days that I plan on spending time seeing and talking to them.

However, it is always  important to keep building your customer base. For one more reason or another, we lose customers and we must replace them in order to keep our business moving forward.  One of my favorite representatives, always tells a new recruit, “The more you sell, the more you make”.  Truer words were never spoken. Smile

I do not have a single representative who doesn’t want to increase the number of customers they have!  So today, and probably most of this week we are going to talk about ways to do that.

The first things we should all be doing (I admit I am guilty of not doing it all the time) is to ask for referrals.  If you have a customer who buys Avon, chances are she has friends and family who like it as well.  Most people are flattered and eager to help, but I can almost guarantee you they won’t if you don’t ask.  So today, why not ask 5 customers for 1 referral.  If you will do that every day, you will be surprised at where you are by the end of the week.

I have also found that if I give a customer an extra book or two and ask if she will pass them along, she generally says yes!!  I have picked up some loyal customers that way.  If I get an order from someone she referred, I usually give her a discount on her next order.  So be sure to order extra books and give this a try.

The last thing I am going to suggest today is your follow-up.  I’m sure you know that following up with a customer is extremely important. But do you do it every campaign?  Why not go down your list and follow up either in person or by phone with every customer you have, just to touch bases with them, let them see your smiling face or hear your cheerful voice and I bet your orders this week will take a leap upwards.

I hope these suggestions are something you can use and I plan to put more ideas out there to help.

Have a wonderful day,





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