Mugged by My Day Planner!!

I realize I am a little off topic this morning, but I absolutely had to ask: Have you ever been mugged by your Day Planner?

Several conference calls I have been on recently have discussed the value of a Day Planner.  I am a big believer in keeping mine up to date every day with all the things that I need to do.  For several years I was the secretary to the Training & Development Manager at Auburn University and time management was one of the big things we trained people in. So, of course, I really learned a lot from these seminars that prove beneficial in the years to come. One was the value of planning your day and working your plan.  Since then I have also heard many motivational speakers talk about the great value of this one item as well.

For many years, I couldn’t afford to buy the planner I wanted so I would use a spiral notebook and put the date at the top of each page. I seem to need a lot of room and I say it is because I write like I talk, A LOT!.  This year, Amy bought me the planner of my dreams for Christmas, and I must admit I do love it.

However, I have noticed the last week or two that the list on my planner seems to be growing larger by the day.  Yesterday, it seemed to loom at me with huge teeth threatening to take me down.  In fact, it was so bad I found myself not wanting to look at it Frown

So I have been giving it a lot of thought and realized that I was letting this list get under my skin and I had to figure a way to stop.  One of the recommendations by time management and motivational speakers alike is that you should list your six most important items to do that day.  If you will start with the most important and finish it before you continue to the next item, at the end of the day you WILL have done the most important things that needed to be done.  

It is easy to adjust your to-do list, and sometimes things happen that require you to do so.  But be careful of picking and choosing what you do because we tend to do the things we want to and the things we need to do get put on the back burner.  

Whether you choose to use the ABC method of prioritizing your items or another method that works better for you,  remember that in order for it to work, you must actually use it every day and not let it mug you as I did. I guess the bottom line I am trying to make is use your planner wisely and it will become your most vital business partner.

Happy Wednesday,


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