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Although my website has been up for awhile, I have not really urged people to visit until very recently.  Part of the reason for that is because it is still under construction and there is much I still wish to do on here.  But we are beginning to get more guests visiting the site and I would like to tell you a little about it.

While the idea for this was mine, I cannot claim much beyond that.  While it was just an idea in my mind, I met with Amy (my daughter) and Paul (my son) to bounce all my thoughts off of their wonderful I.T. brains.

Amy took it on as a project and the entire site was written and developed by her.  She is a genius and I love what she did and continues to do with it.  For those of you who visited before, I am sure you noticed that the guestbook arrived just this week 🙂

There are many other changes that you will be seeing in the weeks and months to come.  One will be the ability for YOU to comment on the blog that I post.  I am truly looking forward to this because I would love to have some direction from you as to where my blog is and where it might need to go.

A whole new page will be initiated shortly on “Recognition”.  I am so proud of my Unit as a whole and I want to be able to recognize those people who are truly outstanding in various ways in their Avon business.  I feel everyone needs and deserves to be recognized for their hard work and this is something I hope will turn out well. (Wish me luck) Smile

If you have clicked around on this site (and I hope you will) you find some pages that are incomplete or have nothing at all.  Let me assure you that the blame for that is completely on me.  Amy’s favorite chant to me is: “Content, Content, Content”.  So, I am madly working on content for these pages and hopefully (my crazy schedule permitting) you will be seeing new things on all these wonderful pages.  

I would like to say that if you think of things that you think should be included, please let me know as soon as you are able to comment on my blog page.

So as I get ready for my day, I want to thank my son for all his input on getting the site out there and most of all I want to thank AMY for all the hard work she has put on building, maintaining, and monitoring this wonderful website.  She knows I could not have done it without her, but I wanted you, my readers and my Unit, to know as well.

Have a great Thursday (the week-end is right around the corner).



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